For the first time in history the live television pictures from an orienteering event will air at absolute prime time. The pictures will be sent throughout the world at this year’s championships between August 12thto 17th.

When the best orienteers of the world gather in Østfold for WOC 2019, NRK will broadcast all the finals (14th, 16th& 17thAug) live from Mørk in Spydeberg. The broadcasts will reach out to several other countries as well. The men’s relay race on the 17thof August will reach its climax just before 8.30pm (CET).

- We’ve never seen a race conclusion this late in the evening in a WOC before. NRK has suggested the race time and received approval from all other holders of broadcasting rights, Secretary General of IOF Tom Hollowell informs. He also informs that the confirmed TV times have just been settled between holders of rights.

NRK will have a national production of its own as well, with expanded screening times especially after the races and the international signals have shut down.

- Sporting events have fewer viewers in summer than in winter in Norway, so we’ve decided to move the conclusion of the races closer to prime time in the evening. Both organisers, IOF and other broadcasting stations have been most cooperative in the process. Let’s hope for a just as exciting men’s relay as in Latvia 2018, says project leader for NRK Arild Andersen.

For the two individual finals (long – 14thAug and middle – 16thAug) the races will conclude just before 7.30 pm (CET).

- We investigated the possibility for an even later broadcast for the individual races as well, but of course we also must consider fair competition with the same light conditions for each competitor. Our focus is on presenting the sport of orienteering to a wider audience. Both screening times and the quality of the broadcasts are key points in achieving just that. We’re more involved in the actual production, and we’re working on ideas to make the event even more exciting and interesting to all viewers, Andersen says.

Czech TV-producer Karel Jonak and NRK/IOF have had several meetings, and the final meeting and inspections will be performed during the month of May. There is a shared ambition to create the best possible broadcasts from WOC 2019. 

– Fantastic news for all of us organising WOC 2019. Prime Time TV out to several nations will give more attention to this great sport. Now it’s up to us to pay back with quality in everything we do, WOC Director Per Bergerud says.

International broadcast WOC 2019 (All times CET)

14thAugust: Long-distance: 13.30-18.30 (Men first, then the women’s race)

16thAugust: Middle-distance:  13:45-16:00 (women) and 16:15-18:30 (men)

17thAugust: Relays. 16:10-20:30 (women first, then the men’s relay).

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