Through the project Ung frivillig (young volunteer), nearly 100 youngsters from 16 to 25 years of age have signed up to organise an incredible WOC from August 12thto 17th

Last weekend there was a young volunteer kick-off in Sarpsborg that gathered 56 of the 87 registered youngsters so far. Supported by fundings from the 2016 Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer, young and fresh orienteering blood receive training and education with WOC 2019 in mind.

We spoke to one of the participants, Christopher Ladim (17) from OK Moss. And we asked him why he signed up:

- I thought it would be fun learning more about how big sporting events work and wanted to take part in organising the first ever world championships in Østfold. I also reckoned it would be social and help me get to know other young people. 

20190324 DSC 0054

PHOTO: Christopher Ladim had a great time during an educational weekend and looks forward to WOC 2019.

An educational and good weekend was his conclusion on the final day.

WOC’s volunteer coordinator Svend Sondre Frøshaug gives praise to youngsters after the kick-off:

- The weekend turned out very well, and I’m thrilled that so many took part. The instructors from NIF (Norwegian Sports Federation) told me they’ve seldom met such a motivated group of youngsters. The participants were more than willing to share their opinions and views and were eager to learn, Frøshaug tells us after the gathering. The flow in the discussions were incredible. Now I must look over more than 100 (!) flip-over sheets with ideas and thoughts to bring back to the WOC organisation.

20190324 DSC 0005

PHOTO: Volunteer coordinator Svend Sondre Frøshaug explains the youngsters what to expect during WOC 2019.   

After a welcoming session and social activities during Friday evening, a hectic 12 hours day of seminars awaited the youngsters on Saturday. On Sunday several WOC leaders attended, as well as Fredrikstad’s national team runners Gaute Hallan Steiwer and Kamilla Olaussen. They told about their preparations towards WOC on home soil from an athlete’s point of view. 

The Sunday sessions also included establishing expectations both ways for the WOC week. Frøshaug’s message to the youngsters was simple: Make your appointements, have a positive mind and do your best, and together we will create the best WOC ever.

20190324 DSC 0058

PHOTO: National team runners Kamilla Olaussen and Gaute Hallan Steiwer made a visit and shared their thoughts about WOC on home soil. 

Not too late to become a young volunteer

- It’s not too late to sign up for Ung frivillig. You simply enter the web portal for volunteers and state which areas you’d like to contribute. Or you could simply show up when the youngsters meet again on August 10th, two days ahead of WOC. During this weekend gathering and throughout the following WOC week the group will live together in Sarpsborg. And it will be a third gathering after WOC to evaluate the project and the whole WOC week, Svend Sondre Frøshaug says.

WOC Unge frivillige gruppebilde

PHOTO: These great youngsters gathered to create the best WOC ever

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