It is today exactly six months left before Nokian Tyres World Orienteering Championships is held in Østfold, Norway. Nearly 30 of the applications to become a volunteer during WOC 2019 have so far come from countries outside of Norway.

- We’ve had applications in from both Russia and USA. I find the international interest in contributing very positive. By that we will cover a wider aspect of jobs, as well as a welcome contribution to prevent language barriers, WOC Director Per Bergerud says, before he adds:

- We may not have the right functions and tasks available to all foreign applicants, so there will be some applicants we’ll not take in as well.

Bergerud is visiting the Østfold clubs on a regular basis, last week he made a visit to OK Moss. He told that as of today the volunteer base consists of 222 people. The ambition is to end up on a base of 600 volunteers, with 500 assigned for each competition day between 12thand 17thof August.

Register as a volunteer here:

Apart from all the domestic and international volunteers on a general basis, WOC 2019 has a targeted focus on the age group of 16 to 26 years of age. It’s still possible to join in, and the youth kick-off with an assembly in Sarpsborg in late March. 

Olympic experience

Bergerud was the Director of the very successful World Biathlon Championships 2016 in Oslo. And now he brings advice from two wellknown organisers with Olympic experience, before the preparations reach its final stages. 

- We have now entered a stage where the planning work become more operational. Now we need to make sure that everything on the sketch board is transferable to practice solutions, otherwise we would end up with unsolvable details. How to plan operational is something I’ve learned from Olympic Director of Lillehammer 1994, Petter Rønningen, as well as from the man with the responsibility for the competitions during Vancouver 2010, John Aalberg. We already know that this plan will succeed., Bergerud says.

OK Moss had a crowded club cabin for the WOC briefing with Per Bergerud last week. Here Bergerud informed of the status for the work as of today, as well as answering questions.

-I’m very happy with the turnout and the large interest concerning WOC 2019, both here in Moss and throughout the whole Østfold area. I think WOC benefits from me to meet all the club members like this. As well as give information I always get good ideas back from the club members. Per Bergerud says.

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