Straight on from WOC to inspecting next year’s terrain along with representatives from national broadcaster NRK and IOF.

-Thank you, yes it was a successful weekend indeed. And next year’s WOC will be even better, Per Bergerud said late Monday evening. He immediately began Monday morning working in the beautiful surroundings at Mørk Golf Course in Spydeberg.

-Together with NRK and IOF we’ve experienced the terrain first hand and assessed possible TV Controls for WOC next year, Bergerud says.

On Sunday WOC 2019 released a video clip from the terrain, and with this article the first ever arena picture that has been published.


-Judging from the picture it seems less hilly here than in Aremark?

- I can’t comment on courses and terrain, and I’m very careful with what I say as any comment could possibly give an indication on where the courses are planned, Bergerud continues. But he gives us this much:

-The course planners are working well organised to make the best possible courses with the terrain they have at their disposal.

IMG 3886

Woc2019 director, Per bergerud (far right) together with representatives from IOF, NRK and the TV production company.

Good TV Production

NRK was pleased with the TV Production from the World Cup weekend. And now the focus switches to creating the best possible broadcasts even for WOC next August. This includes both broadcasts to domestic and international TV viewers, as well as the big screen production at the arena.

– NRK expressed that the competitions were good and exciting and that this resulted in lots of great pictures from the forest this weekend. For us it was fantastic to have a 5,5 hours live broadcast from WC/Pre-WOC one year before the actual big event and gave us a flying start in the promotional campaign. Next year the TV production will be even better, Bergerud promises.

Cred to everyone who contributed

When we ask Per Bergerud to sum up the weekend, his respond is:

-We performed well, and had a good test run with next year in mind, and I received good feedback especially on the work the volunteers put in. They were friendly, service minded and set on finding good solutions. Great!

- The cooperation between staff from different Østfold clubs was important to practice and monitor, and it worked out great!

Potensial for improvement

Per Bergerud wants the WOC to be even better than the Pre-WOC:

-We made some choices prior to the event, and we also see some areas where we can and need to improve. We will run an evaluation, there are always things that can be done better. Especially since it was the first time we did this together as a team.

-With that said, both NRK, IOF, TV producers and inspectors have all given positive feedback on how things ran throughout the weekend. So it’s not just my individual opinion that we should be satisfied with how we performed.

Aiming for 4000 runners in the spectator races.

-What about the spectator races, did you get the answers you searched for?

-Personally, I didn’t get too much sense of it this weekend. The responsible staff reported that everything ran smoothly. We made a choice not to put too much attention on them this time around, but next year our ambition is to have 4000 runners each day, with a much bigger organising staff in operation. I’ve been told that it’s wise to have good capacity put in on the open direct classes, and that we’ll achieve, Bergerud finishes.

Pre-WOC is over, on to WOC 2019!


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