Big margin in favour of the Swedes among the women – a thriller all the way to the end for the men.

- Everybody has done some small mistakes, but all in all we’ve done a relay that we are happy with. We have set the standard for next year’s WOC in similar terrain, Tove Alexandersson said smiling after she’d run the Swedish women into victory during today’s relay.

Alexandersson goes back to Sweden with three out of three wins, and her team mate Karolin Ohlsson has third, second and first to show for. First leg runner Lina Strand rounded off the weekend on top of the podium after two top six performances individually.

Just above two minutes behind Sweden came the Norwegian trio Silje Ekroll Jahren, Marianne Andersen and Kamilla Olaussen:
- Second place is good for us today. We’ll have to be content with that today, Kamilla Olaussen said.

After having ended 2nd, 4th and 2nd this weekend she has every reason in the world to look forward to WOC 2019 on home soil with optimism.

By then the Finish girls will probably want to take part in the gold medal discussion as well, even though they came in third just above three minutes behind Sweden today:
- We did a few mistakes on the second leg, apart from that there was a lot of good moments. We are happy with third, but of course we chase for even better next year when WOC is held in same type of terrain, Henna Riika Haikonen said just after the race. With her on the Finish team she had Sari Anttonen and Lotta Karhola.

Where the women’s race seemed to be all about Sweden, the men’s relay became tighter and more exciting.

In the end Magne Dæhli decided it for a win for Norway on the last controls:
- We just can’t figure out how he did it, Olav Lundanes said in between the celebrations.

Lundanes ran the second leg, and Eskil Kinneberg was the starter for the winning team of Norway.

Dæhli was changed over together with three other teams in the front, but the Norwegian figured out the last controls on the hillside better than the other contestants. In the end he could open up a small gap before the inrun and decide in favour of Norway.
- He has some qualities on the last leg that is plain impressive, Lundanes continues.

The gap was just big enough to keep yesterday’s Swedish winner William Lind a couple of seconds behind:
- Incredably annoying. When I’m sent out in the lead I should be able to win, Lind commented. His team mates in today’s second place team were Albin Ridefelt and Gustav Bergman. 

Sweden team 2 claimed the last spot on the podium:
- I would have hoped to be sharper in the last part of the course, Emil Svensk said after third place for Sweden 2. The two other runners in the team were Martin Regborn and Jonas Leandersson.

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