4500 spectators gathered for Wednesday’s long-distance at WOC 2019. Thursday volunteers still worked at the arena to make adjustments for even more spectators coming for the weekend.

Today’s volunteers are  Göran Andersson from Dalaportens OL and Arne Pettersen from Fredrikstad SK.

When we visited the arena at Mørk on the rest day the mood was calm and pleased after yesterday’s fantastic event.
The organisers estimation was 4500 spectators on Wednesday, a number that is expected to increase for the weekend.

When we made the visit Arne and Göran were installing a new commercial board at a new spectator control before the arena passage.

Göran is IOF’s advisor for the World Cup races, and he is helping WOC 2019 arranging the commercial boards. Arne is working with all arena matters

- The arena crew has made a marvellous job! They’ve created a “Holmenkollen” out of nothing, Göran praises.
- There has been a lot of hard work. The day after we build the 300 metres long fence along the inrun we were told to move it by one meter the day after. To our consolation the holes from the initial fence give the arena prefect drainage, Arne says with a smile.

The commercial from Sweden describes his role like this:
- My mission is to make a placement of the commercial boards so they are to the satisfaction of both TV-producers, IOF, the local WOC organisation as well as the sponsors. We need to find the right balance between promoting IOF sponsor Nokian Tyres and WOC 2019 biggest sponsors Østfold Energi and Eidsberg Sparebank. 

- We’ve printed the commercials on cardboard to make them look professional designed, and not wagging in the wind or leaning uneven. We want this to be the best orienteering event ever shown on TV. The arena boss Asle Gudim is a perfectionist, so this has to come out well, the Swede says. 

- In the end the verdict from the Norwegian NRK, Swedish SVT and Finish YLE will be very important. If they are happy with the event the process of selling new live events from orienteering will be so much easier later. And that would mean added sponsor incomes as well. That’s why it is so important to do every detail to perfection, Göran Andersson says - adds:
- And it’s nice to be here to make new Norwegian friends.

- What will be the highlight of WOC 2019?
- That was yesterday in the women’s class, the Swede smiles. 
- On Saturday the Norwegian ladies will have their revenge and win the relay, Arne replies.
- It might be a highlight on Friday as well when only Gustav Bergman finds the perfect route choice and wins the middle-distance, Göran adds.

We’ll just have to wait along with thousands of others for Friday and Saturday to see. Everything is set for two fantastic and exciting final days of WOC 2019!


Dag4 frivillig2

A sea of people attending Wednesday’s finals at Mørk.

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