The entire area of is contributing when Østfold’s about to organise a World Championship for the first time. For the spectators that means a good variety of healthy fresh food based on raw materials from entire Østfold when arriving the arena in August.  


- We look forward to putting as much local flavour to the menu as possible. The ambition is that most events will copy the concept and see that it is possible to offer food and refreshments from the local area, says Ann Kristin Andreassen – manager of Guldkorn SA – Smak på Østfold (‘Taste Østfold’). 

Guldkorn SA – Smak på Østfold, is an advocacy group and cooperative forum for the entire value chain of food and beverages. Guldkorn creates venues for knowledge, network and innovation across detail- and production areas. Guldkorn will contribute to economic growth by building local food and beverage producers’ reputation and raising the awareness about them.  

 Vital for young athletes

The former ski jumper and director for WOC 2019 Per Bergerud thinks it’s important to focus on the menus at sports events:

- Healthy food is vital to young athletes in order to maximise the effect of training and creating a foundation for competition. It has unfortunately been very common to choose simpler and unhealthier solutions for sporting events, with a limited selection containing far too much sugar. WOC 2019 early in the planning process set an ambition to offer local and healthy food and refreshments! 

Commitment from the local government and business life has given us a push to land a good offering to the visitors:

- Courtesy of a good cooperation with Guldkorn, with support from local government, we are able to offer a food concept containing healthy and fresh refreshments from local providers, Bergerud says. 

Andreassen agrees and adds,

- Østfold is one of the most important food areas. Østfold is lush and many variants of vegetables, grain, fruit and berries can be found. Østfold is Norway’s leading county in the production of grain, chicken and turkey. We offer products based on deer, cattle, ovine and pork as well. Perfection and aliment production are parts of the value chain that bring food and drinks on the table. We are proud to be food ambassadors for WOC 2019. 

The menu

All the non-processed food will be made with love and care, based on pure raw materials. EventPartner Norge AS from Askim has been given the responsibility to prepare the food and organise the sales in the food tent at WOC 2019.


NOK 115

Jaktwurst med vaffel (Hunt Wurst w/waffle)

NOK 65

Jaktwurst med lompe (Hunt Wurst w/lompe)

NOK 55

Kyllingwiener med vaffel (Chicken Wiener w/waffle)

NOK 45

Kyllingwiener med lompe (Chicken Wiener w/lompe)

NOK 35

Elgburger (Moose Burger)

NOK 120

Lapskaus (Hodgepodge)

NOK 95

Livechekylling på perlespelt (Chicken w/dinkel wheat)

NOK 125

Grønnsaksstuing (hodgepodge without meat)

NOK 95


Energy bar (homemade)

NOK 55

Lefser with cinnamon and sugar

NOK 45

Farm Ice Cream from Bamsrudlåven

NOK 50



NOK 30

Cold soft drinks

NOK 40

Olden – 2 sorts (still/sparkling water)


Dyre – 3 sorts


Askim FBP – 3 sorts


Around 20 000 people need to eat and drink during WOC 2019. The following providers will deliver raw materials for WOC 2019: 

Askim Frukt og Bærpresseri AS, Eplegården – Dyre gård, Guldkolla SA, Bama Kort & godt Østfold, Grønt Pakkeri Øst SA, Ek gårdskjøkken AS, Den sorte havre AS, Holli – Mølle AS, Nortura Proff , Norsk Matraps SA, Nordre Kaabbel gård, Buer AS, HansaBorg bryggerier, Gourmet Compagniet, Bamsrudlåven gårdsis, Brødr. Ringstad AS, Troll Salmon SA, Nora (pickles and red beets) og Idun (ketchup and mustard).

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